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So, if you’re headed to Goa and want to try out Anara Homes & Villa – Candolim.

Ask most Indians which is their ideal destination to ring in the New Year, and a majority will shout out Goa with an excited jump with a fist bump (especially if the demographic for the survey falls in the 20-40 age group). Yes, the sandy beaches of Goa and parties that go on all through the night are stuff that make for a New Year’s Eve that you never write home about, but forever cherish.

But to say that the former Portuguese colony is only for the young party-hopping crowd would be unfair, because there’s lots to do otherwise as well. From spice trails to a trek up to the Dudhsagar falls, spend your days exploring the old city of south Goa – or best yet, simply grab yourself a beach chair in the early hours of the morning, and lounge around all day, soaking in the sun and stuffing yourself with the most delicious seafood.

The most famous beaches are, of course, Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Anjuna and Arambole, but as hard as it sounds, the 101km Goan coastline still does have some lesser-known sections that one can explore this year. So, if you’re headed to Goa and want to try out Anara Homes & Villa – Candolim.

Come to Goa and celebrate this New Year with Anara Homes & Villas – Candolim

Do you still have questions regarding our services?

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Have a Great Year Ahead

So, if you’re headed to Goa and want to try out Anara Homes & Villa – Candolim.


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