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How To Get Viagra Prescription in Albuquerque New Mexico - Buy Viagra 150 mg in Worcester Massachusetts

Anara Homes & Villas

Tastefully Luxurious. Surprisingly Affordable.

Be proud of your address when you visit Delhi next! You can now choose from a wide range of chic, contemporary serviced apartments in discreet/central locations in the heart of the capital.

Our aesthetically furnished studios as well as one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom accommodation, offers you a beautiful urban retreat in Delhi at the perfect prices. A concierge and a helper take care of your every need while respecting your space and privacy. Caringly designed with detailed attention and amenities to match the lifestyle you are used to, combined with just the right amount of personalized service you need away from home.

And after frenetic Delhi, now Anara offers you its winning combination of style and comfort at a brand new address – Anara Saipem Hills in Candolim, Goa.

A haven that doubles as a personal retreat as well as a social space where your family and friends can bond and unwind. Besides, all the amenities you expect from your stay, Anara will never cease to surprise you with its panache and a lavish interpretation of your needs.

Come to the place where everything and everyone is taken care of, so you can be happy and relaxed.
After all, the most important reason to choose Anara is – you!

Encircled by the beautiful Saipem hills and with the popular beaches of Candolim, Baga and Calangute of north Goa

Anara villa is an ideal getaway for your family and friends .

The villa is Designed in a typical Portuguese style, with all the comfort and amenities typical of an anara property.

Wide range of restaurants serving different cuisines can be found in Candolim. Exciting Water sports in Calangute just 3 kms away and Clubs and Casinos are all within 2-3 kms reach.

A few of the many facilities offered are

Outdoor all season pool

Terrace with a pool view

Free parking

Car rental



Daily housekeeping

BBQ area

Free wifi

Fully equipped kitchen

A/c rooms

Flat screen TVs with satellite connection

Power back up

Anara Homes & Villas give you function and style for a short or long stay. At Anara, you will always find us at home to take care of you!

Do you still have questions regarding our services?

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Have a Great Year Ahead

So, if you’re headed to Goa and want to try out Anara Homes & Villa – Candolim.


Let’s Support our Prime Minister in his Endeavor to cleanse our country of perils of dual economy by going cashless.